Welcome to the new 500 School of Motoring Web site.

On this site you can find out about driving lessons with Carlo Alberti (ADI) who is based in the Walkden area of Manchester.

If you decided to take lessons with me you will get a personalised service.

I am not part of a big company so I rely on good service and a passion for teaching to keep my business going. All of my learners are through recommendation’s so I think that speaks for itself!

At 500 School of Motoring, full courses are available which include comprehensive help with both parts of the UK driving test.

I purposely limit the number of pupils I take on so that I am fresh and ready to go each lesson.


We also aim to go beyond simply passing the test and make you a responsible driver.

Some driving schools offer to get you through the test as cheaply and quickly as possible. My aim is to balance that with making you a safe driver for the rest of your life and give you the skills to keep you safe on the road.


I find that this method means you have a very good chance of taking the test only once! Bare in mind that tests are expensive so you really only want to go once!